Please use Dropbox to deliver high-resolution original images. Dropbox is free and easy to use.

IMPORTANT: add MLS# and a descriptive note each time you create a new Dropbox or make changes to an existing Dropbox

1. Create a Free Account at

2. Create a New Folder on

While logged into, click the “New Folder” icon. Be sure to name the folder accurately.

3. Upload Images

Open the folder you just created by clicking on it. Click the “Upload” icon, find your high-resolution images and upload via the “Choose Files” dialog box (or by simply dragging and dropping files on the browser window).

4. Share the Folder with

It really helps if you write us a note (and we like to hear from you).


What Happens Next?

When you send us your high-res originals we will:

  • Perform professional color, saturation and light adjustments.
  • Safely store the originals on our server. No more lost images.
  • Send you a set of images that are optimized for the MLS.
  • Have them available for usage across all forms of marketing. Send um once and we’ve got um.

Support, Notes and Tips

  • Be sure to send only high-resolution originals. Images off the web or MLS are NOT acceptable.
  • Contact Create if you’re looking for professional photography.
  • Use the format “island-agent-MLS” to name the folder.